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There's No Time Like The Present

I guess I should begin at the beginning.  It was the summer of 2012.  I had just returned to the United States after a stint in the Peace Corp.  I was pretty beat up and trying to find my path.  It was a very introspective time, and I started writing a few songs - you know, just to get it off my chest. A friend told me about a Bluegrass jam on Monday nights in Lagrange.  I almost didn't go because, well, I didn't play Bluegrass.  Some folks say I still don't but that's a topic for later.  So, I went.  It was there that I met Lea and Mark, and some other really nice folks.    Before long we had loosely formed a jam band called Coffee Jam, because we had all met at the Monday jam Lea hosts at her coffee shop, Lagrange Coffee Roasters.  It was a lot of fun!  Having never played with Bluegrass pickers, I was astounded at how talented, accepting, and humble everyone was.    I started writing a lot and Lea helped.  We played a few gigs as a trio, but something was