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Just Like Magic

It was January 3rd 2020 and we received a text; our bass player said he quit.  Oh no!  You can't just quit Ida Clare!  We had spent so much time together - writing and arranging songs, developing our sound, entering contests, winning, recording our first CD, and well - just hangin’ out.  We had been through a lot. We had booked as many gigs as we were willing to play through August of that year - life was good.   But now we didn't have a bass player - this was terrible.  What else could go wrong?  The pandemic started in March! All our gigs were canceled. We stopped practicing. I stopped writing songs. No one knew what the future would bring. For a long time it didn't bring much. Then slowly we started playing again...outside....separate mics.....different guest bass players. Sometimes we played as a trio. That was pretty rough, but at least we were playing. Truth is, we were just holding it together with the hope that someday, when the wind was from the west, the sky would